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Begin your Skydiving Adventure with Skydiving South Carolina!
Race thru the skies above South Carolina at speeds of up to 120 mph and freefalls of up to 60 seconds - all in all, the time of your life!

Skydiving is not for everyone, but, if you have a bit of adventurous spirit and the love living loud – skydiving in South Carolina definitely the adventure for you! Get ready to embark on the very essence of "living on the edge" and let Skydiving South Carolina be your choice for your very first skydiving adventure. Skydiving South Carolina in the largest multi-city skydiving service in South Carolina! We take all the speculation out of booking your first skydive at any of the great skydiving locations throughout the Palmetto State.

For your TOTAL SKYDIVING EXPERIENCE, you can choose between:

Each method is sanctioned and approved by the USPA to assure the highest level of personal safety for you the first-time skydiver. In addition, you can feel assured in the goal of Skydiving South Carolina, which is to provide first time tandem skydivers and first time solo skydivers with a safe, convenient, and timely skydiving experience. Spectators are, of course, welcome to come along and share in the excitement.

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Did you know.... skydiving started to become more popular as a hobby after World War II? The first successful bailout of an airplane was in 1922 and ever since, people have been skydiving for fun! When the soldiers returned from battle, they would occasionally conduct competitions on freefalls and parachuting. This gave skydiving the necessary push to become the amazing sport it is today!

All you need to bring to this sport is the same courage and spirit like our soldiers. You will enjoy the experience because our Skydiving South Carolina operators use the latest technologies to maintain an excellent safety record you can depend on.

We are proud also to offer our flexible Skydiving South Carolina Gift Certificate. You can consider this option if you are looking to offer the skydiving experience as a gift to someone else. Please call our office at 1-877-651-1761 and one of our Skydiving South Carolina reservation specialists will be glad to help you choose the best time for your first skydive. Please choose a day when you can spend 4-6 hours for your full experience, and we will assign you a check-in time that suits your schedule.

Make your very first skydive today! Call Skydiving South Carolina at 1-877-651-1761!

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