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Skydiving South Carolina Video Packages

Video Packages

At Skydiving South Carolina, we offer a distinctive way to purchase your multimedia package. You will receive a personalized 8 - 10 minute DVD professionally edited and set to music. You will want to share your South Carolina skydiving experience with everyone you know and will watch the video with your friends and family for years to come.

All photographers use professional camera equipment for excellent megapixel quality. Capture your experience with DVD video and photos!

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Frequently Asked Questions

QCan I take my own camera with me?

A You are encouraged to bring your own camera with you and take pictures during your training, however, you will be too busy with your skydive to look after your camera during your actual jump. It may be very easily lost or broken.

QCan the camera-person film more than one person? Can my friend and I share the video?

A No. The time/distance gap between exits precludes a camera-person from being able to film more than one student per jump.

QCan I have my friends take video or stills of me?

A Sure. They will be able to take pictures of you under canopy, and while landing. They will probably be able to take close-ups of you after your skydive.

QShould I give advance notice?

A Yes! We need to schedule staff to meet your needs, and the advance notice allows us to serve you better. Please inform us at the time of booking.

Freefall photographers can film your entire skydive, edit it onto a DVD with music, and produce a CD-ROM of all your Digital Pictures.

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